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Relieving muscle pain

Do you have discomfort or pain in your back, neck, arms, wrists, hands? Worried that you might be developing OOS? We have solutions to help you. Click here to find out how.

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Welcome to the Fun Side of OSH

In 2009, with the help of the Minister of Labour and a group of senior OSH practitioners, we launched GOSH. It's a complete health and safety system from as little as $2 per day. You can find out more on the GOSH website here. If you'd like to subscribe or have a free trial, click here or phone 04 499-0710.


Health and Safety is something you have to do, isn’t it? So why not welcome Working Wise, the fun side of health and safety, into your company? With the help of our safety ambassador Stickiwi™ and all our other tools for engagement, we’ll take the boring out of health and safety for you and your staff.

Gone are the finger-wagging and posture-police workstation assessments. Gone are the sleep-inducing health and safety training sessions, the scary health monitoring, the dull health and safety manuals and the lectures about eating too many pies.

Even though Working Wise is based in the bustling metropolis of Wellington, that doesn’t stop us providing nationwide coverage. Stickiwi™ may have no wings, but he gets around.
We’re extremely professional, well qualified, and have thirteen years experience in occupational health and safety under our belts. We're very passionate about preventing injuries and improving the workplace health and safety for everybody. We want everyone to share our passion and to benefit from our experience.
We’re now on a mission to make health and safety fun because that’s what works, and that's what will save lives.
We welcome you and your workplace to the fun side of OSH.